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BS Tourism Management

                  Tourism is the world's largest industry, generating in 2003 over USD 514 Billion in receipts from 697 million tourists and employing hundreds of million people worldwide. Almost 760 million travelled across borders in 2004; several times more travelled domestically. The probability of one being able to visit foreign lands in his lifetime has never been higher.

         The tourism industry is a vast system consisting of several sectors with airlines, hotels, resorts, travel agencies and tour operators constituting the greater bulk. The myriad of smaller entities that thrive and wane with tourism's upswings and downturns include souvenir shops, restaurants, bars and the like. The industry also goes beyond its business realm; it covers government and non-government organizations as well as educational institutions.

         The aforementioned factors have ramifications on the Philippine particularly in the Province of Cavite tourism education system. A good starting point for reform was to make a thorough review of the management-oriented curriculum that has, since the 70's, pervaded among tourism and hospitality schools. To produce graduates that will not only survive but also thrive in a borderless economy.

         A paradigm shift from supply-driven to market-driven curriculum in terms of content and structure was adopted. To be more responsive to the needs of the industry, the new program emphasizes skills and competencies instead of just managerial theory and is scheduled in such a way as to provide more but focused options for the students in terms of career paths. The course line-up incorporates subjects on sustainable development and international standards and practices to address issues that arise from market imperfections and the challenges of globalization. Finally, the MARASIGAN INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, INC. curriculum is designed to allow flexibility and creativity on the part of higher educational institutions.

         Against this overview, and considering sustainable development as the key to optimal tourism growth, this set of programs on tourism, hospitality management and related fields was developed to support the tourism industry and to address its manpower needs more particularly, in preparation for the full implementation of the General Agreement of Trade and Services (GATS) under the aegis of the World Trade Organization.

         Tourism generates both positive and negative impacts on the culture, economy, and environment of generating and receiving countries. It can uplift country's living standards, instill greater pride in one's identity and make people more aware of their cultural and natural heritage. On the other hand, it can also corrupt values and traditions and degrade the environment.


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